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"Life Through Cinema started in 2010 not long after Georgia’s brief war with Russia, and during the debates about its significance afterwards, when Georgia was in the spotlight in the TV news and we Georgians living abroad all felt very much agitated by this. The intention was to bring another perspective, from within, the insider view, to show how life was there in these kinds of circumstances.

Life Through Cinema grew out of the British Georgian Society and still keeps a very close partnership with it. In 8 years we have achieved a lot, we managed to create a good network of friends and supporters and most importanly devoted audiences. There is already an expectation and we try to keep it alive. So, this is 5 times in 8 years already and I think our festival is the only festival outside Georgia which promotes Georgian Film abroad bi-annually."

Keti Japaridze Director, April 2018

"With Keti Japaridze and Nina Andjaparidze I started Life Through Cinema to promote Georgian filmmaking and screen some of the great classics of Georgian cinema. We opened the 2010 London Georgian Film Festival with the 1912 documentary 'Journey of a Georgian Poet Akaki Tsereteli in Racha-Lechkumi', filmed in the high caucasus mountains. Cinema has been at the heart of Georgian culture, not only reflecting the country’s unique traditions, people and landscape but Georgian filmmakers have made an important and special contribution to world cinema”

Jason Osborn Director, April 2018

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Our consultant director Nina Andjaparidze is our representative in Georgia. She is director of the Tbilisi International Film Festival and has worked with the Georgian National Film Centre 

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